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How strong is our tape?

This Double-sided Tape is the best tape you’ve ever used due to its outstanding adhesiveness & great waterproof ability! It uses the technology of new Material which has various ways to make full use. It is more convenient than the traditional ways to attach things to the wall or stick on the floor.

Nano Tape Usage

Double-sided adhesive and washable and reusable. Keep items in place without slipping and Can be reused more than 600 times. NB: The tape is 1metre long.

14 reviews for Waterproof Nano Tape

  1. Raiford

    I wasted my money on Gorilla Glue. This adhesive tape is just as advertised – STRONG! As an added bonus, it’s not messy or sticky like the glue out there on the market!

  2. Shay

    Excellent. Can’t go wrong especially when you don’t want or can’t use nails.

  3. Zoey

    I regret not buying this sooner, I wanted to stick my camera mount on my dashboard but it wouldn’t stick, then I bought this and BAM it stuck to it, it won’t move or unstick. Also used it to stick some frames to the wall and it’s on there good! Definitely recommend!

  4. Karina

    This is my 3rd purchase of this and a staple in my home. I use it to hang pictures and all sorts of things to the wall without nails. Stringer option that the 3d tabs. To get there off without destroying what you hung I suggest using a metal spatula. I have had to remove some and this is how I got it done. Did not tear paint off my walls.

  5. henry

    Good material with great adhesion and delivery prior to expected delivery date

  6. Joshua

    16 bulk shipping to Los Angeles, CA. item as described.

  7. charlotte

    I tried it and it really works. I just need to figure out how to cut it properly because it doesn’t really work with scissors.

  8. roweena

    Products well packed, they look good material if there are any news I will comment later but I am satisfied

  9. ethan

    EXCELLENT! They are Strong! I would definitely buy again! I’m in love. Im using them on folding metal heavy duty hooks and the double sided tape works perfectly! I love it! shipping was very fast too. I recommend buying 2.

  10. luna

    Haven’t try to wash it, but it sticks pretty well

  11. mia

    description is 100 percent accurate

  12. trison

    Just as described thank you!

  13. susan

    very good

  14. lennox

    It sticks really hard without damaging the surfaces. Easy to set up and useful on many surfaces.

    • admin

      Thank you for your feedback, we look forward to shop with you again.

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