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Stable and smart

No more wobbly phone holders. A seal-tight suction base on this phone holder guarantees a sturdy grip. Plus, a built-in gimbal on this phone holder ensures your device is always stabilized for smooth picture and video.

Picture time go hands-free

Our Robot Cameraman is the only help you’ll need whether you’re an aspiring Instagram influencer, YouTuber, or just someone with a love for photography and capturing moments with friends and family. Gain an extra hand in helping you take pictures — without an actual cameraman required!

Family or friend pictures

No need to oddly single someone out as “photographer”. Get everyone in the picture, one time. Capture your daily looks without wearing out your hands (or those of your significant other).

31 reviews for Auto Rotating Tripod

  1. Shawndell

    I have been waiting for a while to purchase. When it came, my live was so lit! The audience was so engaged and happy with the camera moving with me as I was talking.

  2. Rustin

    I’m slightly embarrassed to say that I have bought almost every product they make, one after another it is delightful. The tripod and Bluetooth mic are unmatched. Extra battery life, everything they make, is great.

  3. Tasha

    I tested out this tripod as soon as it arrived and I got it charged enough to use. It tracks movement as promised, and I love that I won’t have to ask others to help me film certain self videos. Also, you can attach it to an existing tripod as an extension or use it with the base it comes with on a flat surface.

  4. Eliott

    I’m so glad I purchased this Item. It works so well for my business since I am on social media a lot I do a lot of lives. I use it just about every day. I can take it anywhere I need to go. It’s sturdy and works just as described. Its kind of funny seeing something following your every move.. lol

  5. Sapphire

    Shipping was fast and the product does actually what it says its gonna do! 5 star from me, Thanks to Eazi Gadgets

  6. Tina

    Oh boy, did I take this baby on a wild ride during my vacation, and let me tell you, it did not disappoint! This nifty little accessory kept up with all my dance moves, spins, and twists like a pro. I felt like a superstar, and everyone around me was utterly enamored with my new gadget. People were begging me for the deets on where to get one, and I was like, “Sorry, this baby’s all mine!”

    But wait, it gets better. I loved it so much that I gifted it to someone else who was absolutely head-over-heels for it. And what did I do? I went ahead and bought another one for myself because, well, you can never have too much of a good thing, am I right?

    So, if you want to capture all your special moments hands-free and have people gawking at your coolness, this accessory is a no-brainer. Trust me, it’s worth the investment, and your dance moves will thank you for it.

  7. Lana

    I received this item quickly. It was just what I ordered. I didn’t even have to read how it works, it just did what it said on the page where I bought it. Super easy. I am planning to use it to show homes for IG or clients. Then I can be in the video instead of just the house.

  8. Cody

    I impressed a couple of people with this, and they couldn’t believe the low price of it. This is a review from over a year late, but I’m still using it and I love it!

  9. Sheila

    I was so excited to use this since I’ve never had a the ability to track movements. So easy to use. Very happy

  10. Maja

    Awesome selfie stick! Not at all what u think of when you think of a selfie stick! More like a phone mount to take pictures and videos! It’s amazing! Rotates 360 degrees! Makes selfies sooo much easier!

  11. Levi

    Really nice phone mount. Currently running it on my desk for when I’m streaming or playing games so I can easily read my messages. Easy setup and looks great on my desk. Love it

  12. mara

    Nice product for the price. Great for group photos and videos of outdoors.

  13. Nicole

    Pretty handy 360 holder, it follows you when you move around, nice for unboxing videos or tutorials. Feels a bit plasticky but apart of that is actually pretty solid, holds my iPhone pro max and also android phone without any issues. overall pretty satisfied!

  14. Nathan

    This stabilizer has many different features to choose and use! It has an option to choose a filter, which means you can take a photo or a video recording with a filter. You can also do different features like taking photo smart following or 360 view. The video shared upon purchasing this product helps a lot with how to use the functionality of this device.

    • admin

      Thank you for your feedback, we look forward to shop with you again.

  15. Nathan

    That can be considered a really inexpensive in comparison to other offers. Thanks to the seller!

  16. Bradley

    Received in a well-protected packaging to receive the item without any blow. Ideal because I want it for a gift and the box has arrived in perfect condition.

  17. Kayla

    I love the function that it can recognize my face and take the photo/video. Once it recognize your face, it will follow you with a 360 automatic rotation, which is quite helpful if you want to record yourself. Or if you have babies, you can use this to record them life and need not rotating your camera manually. Only click on my phone to the holder, and no matter how fast my little one is running, the camera is always following

  18. Dave

    It needs to improve some hardware design and software, but despite of everything, it is a great product to filmmakers with no many requirements.

  19. Emad

    Using this phone mount can make online teaching easier, and you needn’t to worry about getting out of the camera’s field of vision to debug the tripod again and again.

  20. Walter

    Reasonably priced like this are quite rare to find. I appreciate the store hard work and effort

  21. Dana

    as seen from reviews on , it is a truly great item. can’t wait to get it delivered and see myself 🙂

  22. Scott

    I’ve really enjoyed using this. Not glitchy and very smooth. I got 8- 2 hour shots with it before replacing batteries. A couple people complained about the battery door being hard to shut. I guess I have vice gripes for hands and it hasn’t been a problem for me. I’ll do a video review in a couple weeks to show this off in action.

  23. Aiden

    It works well. I wish you auto follower was better but it a good buy. Yes, I would buy it again.

  24. Adam

    By far the most flexible of all the products I’ve seen. Works as advertised, easy to program, and great time-lapse video results. No jumping or jerking noted. Very pleased.

  25. ruth

    I decided to compare with similar offers and soon found out it’s the best possible alternative

  26. Max

    I was unsure if this would be okay to use while I gave a lecture to my Middle Schoolers, but it worked perfectly. Stayed focused on me as I walked around the whiteboard and went over the notes. Excellent.

  27. Darren

    I am a youtuber and this is great for me when I am doing my livestream on my channel as I no longer need someone to assist me with the tripod. This was very easy to setup and get working without any training at all. It is very easy to get my iPhone SE in and out since I have the smaller phone it fits perfectly. I am impressed with the weight as it’s not that expensive and I think this is a great value and I am happy to use this on my zoom calls as well without having to move the camera for friends when I am meetings.

  28. Anthony

    Fast delivery, everything that matches the description, works perfectly, took himself for direct transmissions and very satisfied! I do not regret a penny, I recommend the store! Thanks!

  29. Fidel

    Have used once and it’s really great. Heaps of variable settings. Very happy with it and look forward to using a lot more.

  30. Anthony

    This is basically a selfie stick/tripod hybrid phone mount. This device has come in very handy for taking pictures and videos both indoors and outdoors, and has easily replaceable batteries. It holds your phone and allows for steady video to be taken. The device uses object tracking to follow, ensuring uninterrupted video is taken. It’s easy to set up and works as expected.

  31. Ian

    This is a sweet tool for time lapse panning. I also use it with my slider to make hyper lapse. Easy to set up and good battery life. What more could you ask?

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