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Rushing to find spoons and a cup here and there to just make a coffee for you is not good especially if you are getting late for work. Don’t you feel it’s annoying? To avoid such rushing for spoons, mugs, and then stirring badly will not make you feel good. So, go for this self stirring coffee mug to avoid the use of spoons, as you will not need any.

No-spill feature

The easy Self Mixing Mug lets you relax without worrying about the spills and wastage of your favorite beverage. The spill-free feature is good enough for any coffee lover to love this mug. There is a lid to avoid any kind of spills or splashes with or without stirring, making it easy to go mess-free while having a good cup of coffee. The mug works best for traveling also. With the help of the lid to make sure it prevents leakage and spilling; the lid also has the feature of airtight serving with an optional hole to take a sip.

Not only a coffee mug

The self stir coffee mug does not restrict you to make coffee only, but you can go for any of your hot or cold refreshing beverages. Also, you need not worry about the temperature of your beverage. It feels so annoying when you place your morning hot coffee and takes a sip after some minutes and its cold. Or you have just made your iced coca shake or tea, but it gets to the room temperature. The insulative property of this mug lets you sip your beverage even after minutes, keeping them on the same temperature no matter what kind of beverage you poured.

Easy operation

The activated button on the top of the handle operates the fluid motor through the disc, which is situated on the bottom of the mug. Just pour some coffee, cream, and sweetener to start perfect swirling of your love by pressing the button and there you go. You can make any other beverages following the same way and let the mug mix all the ingredients for you.

2 reviews for Automatic Stirring Mug

  1. Dawn

    I mix things cinnamon or instant flavored coffee crystals into my hot coffee, which always sink. The tiny little magnet does the job in stirring it and pushing the button to activate it is even a little fun/satisfying moment of zen. I was worried about the magnet but i find it strong and no problem to use. I’ve used the first one at home for a few weeks and am now buying one for the office.

  2. Ava

    One of my coffee mix-ins separates after a few minutes. One push of the button with this mug, and it stirs without a spoon or mess. (Fortunately, it doesn’t splash out of the top when auto-mixing)

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