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Versatility and style combined

Do you need a speaker that looks just as good as it sounds? Or maybe you need a good looking alarm clock that won’t let you down? If so, this device is a perfect solution for you! Good looking, reliable, and multi-functional speaker is a great gadget for anyone. Buy it for yourself, or gift it to your loved ones – it will come in handy, that’s for sure.

Sound and microphone

HiFi stereo sound will please your ears and give you a great listening experience. A built-in microphone will leave you with no need to hold your phone while talking, and the person on the other end will hear you loud and clear.

A practical 2-in-1 solution

A versatile, affordable, and sleek-looking speaker and an alarm clock with no wires will be a great companion at parties and in everyday life. The impressive battery capacity of 1000 mAh will provide you with a working time of up to 10 hours! If you get this speaker, you won’t ever stop the party or oversleep again. Come enjoy it!


The Bluetooth 5.0 technology provides you with a working distance of up to 32.80 ft, a smooth signal, low power consumption, and little to no latency when using. It’s compatible with most devices (laptops, phones, tablets, etc.). The speaker also works with TF cards, AUX, and FM radio.

Smart design

The minimalistic design makes it fit any interior. The size of 5.51×1.73×2.56 inches makes it easily portable, and it’ll be fine on any desk or table. The mirror on the front makes it stand out. The style will last – made from ABS plastic and rubber, the speaker is durable! A distinguishing feature of this speaker is that it also works as an alarm clock that won’t let you oversleep!

19 reviews for Wireless Alarm Clock Speaker

  1. Angie

    The look is simple but everything I was looking for, the mirrored display adds the perfect touch. I love how I can connect my phone thru Bluetooth and that it has multiple settings for alarm times. The sound thru the speaker for music is clear, no extra noises that you can sometimes hear from other alarm/speakers. Great price for the product.

  2. Caryn

    I was skeptical when I decided to have an actual on my nightstand, think of the old ones that never really seemed to do with any decor, but this alarm clock has changed my mind! Not only is it sleek and stylish for any room, but the Bluetooth option is amazing. I can listen to music, calls, even connected it to my TV several times. That sound is perfect, I would def recommend this to anyone needing to know the time and more without having to look for your phone! Would def buy more!

  3. Katie

    I bought this just so I could have a cute, colorful clock that would double as a Bluetooth speaker for my bedroom. Doesn’t get super loud, but loud enough I used it outside while hanging out on the porch with friends. Accidentally forgot it out there, plugged in, during a big rainstorm. This thing was FULL of water, still lit up glowing, and worked PERFECTLY the next time I used it. It’s held up almost a year now with ZERO issues. Highly recommend this.

  4. Alison

    This thing has everything and then some!! Bought 1 and will definitely be buying another! Love the multiple features this thing has! Best dual alarm clock, phone charger WITH EXTRA PORT, sound machine, night light,, ALL IN ONE!! A MUST BUY!

  5. aria

    Very elegant little clock and full of surprises, really loaded with other features. Take your time in trying out the other features… Would recommend it.

  6. ashley

    It’s a pretty good alarm clock, and does quite a bit for its price. The buttons feel a little flimsy but it’s a good clock overall.

  7. mila

    I love everything about this clock. With its slim profile, it fits on my mini clamp-on side table just fine with room for my tablet, phone and other small items

  8. leo

    I am using this in my studio bathroom as a clock, but also for music. I like that the design is intuitive; yes, it comes with instructions, but I could figure things out just by looking at the buttons.

  9. frank

    This unit is a bang for the buck, Dual alarms, FM radio gives great sound, and Bluetooth. What a deal.

  10. sharon

    I wasn’t looking to spend too much on an alarm clock, but also wanted usable features. This clock delivers in both areas!

  11. kian

    This alarm clock is a great addition to my room! All the functions work properly, however, it does take a while to figure out how this device works. But if you have the time to learn I highly recommend this product.

  12. carolyn

    It works perfectly for my son’s room!

  13. amanda

    Perhaps the best value for an alarm clock you can find.

  14. victoria

    I bought this as a gift for my sister and she loves it. I’d say for the price, it’s a cool little multitasking clock.

  15. janet

    This is a very nice alarm clock. It is easy to set and use with good FM reception, a nice display, and a decent speaker.

  16. jackson

    The LED display on this clock has a very sleek and clean look or finish, and the digits appear very clear and just the perfect size for a table or night stand placement.

  17. isla

    Compact, easy to see, sounds better than any other alarm clock I’ve had previously. Controls are ok, but could still use some minor improvement, but I’m being rather picky.

  18. kai

    I found I sleep better while listening to something, and the bluetooth speaker is great for this. It’s cheap and does it’s job even though I’m struggling a bit to set up times and such.

  19. carol

    This clock just arrived today and overall I love it. It’s a nice solid black, that matches my bedroom decor and it’s really sleek looking. I’m actually glad I decided to purchase it. it. For the price it’s really a steal!

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