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Strained eyes got you bothered?

We all spend hours in front of devices for work or entertainment…and it can take a toll on the eyes over time. So fight eye dryness and fatigue today with the soothing, massaging wonder of this Rechargeable Eye Massager.

Adjustable, non-obstructive design

An adjustable buckle strap allows wearers of all sizes to enjoy the massager while the around-the-eyes design of the nodes ensures you can still see if you open your eyes during use.

Bluetooth connection for music and calls

Bluetooth eye massager have built-in speaker inside that will automatically play the prerecorded nature sound which could enhance relaxation. Bluetooth connection function allows you to connect to your phone playlist or use bluetooth call function.

22 reviews for Smart Eye Massager

  1. Hilton

    I’m excited to receive the eye massage instrument! I like it very much. It’s very comfortable to wear it. I usually wear it when I sleep. I listen to music with Bluetooth while enjoying massage. My eyes are very comfortable.

  2. Jason

    I love this eye massager! As someone who spends a lot of time in front computer, my eyes can get really sore and tired. This device has been a lifesaver for me. It has different modes, including vibration and hot compression, that feel great and help me relax. The massage is really effective and has helped me reduce eye strain and fatigue. Overall, I highly recommend this eye massager to anyone who spends a lot of time in front of a computer.

  3. Jenna

    This review is written after 3 weeks of use. The massager looked premium quality on arrival. Easy to use and one single charge allows for 3 full uses before needing to recharge again, which isnt too bad. Air compression works really well and does not directly push on the eye balls, fantastic. Definitely helps relieve sore and tired eyes, and with migrains with soothing temple massaging. Hopefully it lasts reasonably long. Overall, impressive value for money and a must try for people spending long time using computers and mobiles.

  4. Courtney

    I purchased a similar eye massager a few years ago and thought it was time to upgrade. I am very happy with these especially at this price. The first thing I do when using them is turn off the music ASAP. This set makes it easy to do so and not have to try and figure out a bunch of different settings. The modes are easy to go through and make sense to use. It heats up very quickly and is comfortable to wear.

  5. Selena

    I felt compelled to write this review, which I normally don’t do many. However, this product, so far has been amazing. I suffer from migraine and regular headaches. I’ve had the mask for about five days now and used it three of those days. It works!!! There are different settings to choose from, personally I like the first setting ( heat, massage and a “squeeze “). It also has a few sounds that you can turn on to relax (water, crickets etc). It’s rechargeable and so far I’ve only charged it once. It folds for easy storage.
    Thankfully, I’ve only had “regular” headaches so far, I hope it works for migraines when the time comes. I’ll have to update. It’s very simple to use, i really recommend it 10/10

  6. Heather

    This Smart Eye Massager has strong enough compressions that you know you are being massaged. I immediately charged it up and used it before reading all the instructions. The icons made it easy to start up and also to turn off the music, since I wanted to listen to my book on tape. I was thrilled with the massage and heat, as it relieved some of the symptoms of my dry eye and sinus congestion. Now a week later, I have read the instructions to find there is a washable cloth and a variety of other settings, besides just the first setting. If I were to improve this product, I would have setting “1” be “Full Function,” which is pneumatic, heating, and vibration. You have to press the start button two times to begin all 3 functions. The inner mask is so soft and comfortable-I tried another product which had a plastic inner lining and it scratched my face. Read the instructions! Happy customer!

  7. Mona

    Build quality is pretty good. Got this product to see if it can help give a bit help on eye area for message to help dark circles caused by tiredness, after several weeks i think i find another perfect usage case. i use it before sleep, and next day i see clear improvement on dark circle. Sometimes i also use it again when waking up in the morning i use cooling mode to to diminish puffiness & eye bag. Cool mode really helps after you cry…..dont ask how i find this out. The air pressure applied is not too hard, plus it can be adjust, some songs are good some aren’t, still trying to figure out if i can somehow change the songs inside.

  8. Lyness

    I enjoy using this eye massager morning and evening. I use the cool setting in the morning and the warm setting in the evening. My eyes are a bit dry and the eye massager really seems to help. The warm setting at night is quite relaxing as I get ready to sleep. It has a selection of music and bird songs that cycle through, or one can pair it with a digital device. It is simple to pair. The battery lasts long too and charging is reasonably paced. I store the device in the little velvet bag when not using.

  9. Shane

    My wife has been dealing with chronic eye pain for over a couple years now, especially after being on her work computer all day. She went to optometrists, optomologists, used eye drops, took vitamins to help eyes… none of it helped. I got her this massaging eye mask to potentially help, if even a little, and it worked! She uses it every single night, and is almost completely pain free.

  10. amara

    The long-awaited order finally came. Corresponds to the description, there is also air pumping pads and vibration and heating.

  11. charles

    Product came quickly and is as described in the ad, well packed and working in perfect condition. Has a great heating and all functions as massage, Bluetooth and vibration work perfectly.

  12. silvia

    I checked the functions, everything works, came charged, I still did not check the case

  13. polite

    Great, I bought 3 others to give as a gift We will see about the long term for the life of this product. Received well packaged by the seller

  14. rose

    As received the parcel, immediately tried. Great massager! Quality at altitude! Warms the eyes, vibromassage, massage not only the eyes, but also the area around, so you can in theory apply to headache. Seller respect and thank you!

  15. martha

    Wonderful a high technology product.

  16. lizzy

    Everything works well I used 5 times very satisfied!

  17. vanessa

    I have ordered like 7 of these for the family they love it

  18. tamy

    Just delighted with the product came super intact! Not to mention the speed, Arrived in less than 20 days here in Brazil

    • admin

      Thank you for your feedback, we look forward to shop with you again.

  19. noleen

    Met my expectations!!! Good quality.

  20. nomsa

    Great product. It really works as advertised.

  21. charmaine

    Thank you, everything has come but has not yet tried

  22. shiloh

    Product is exactly as described and works very well. arrived so quickly, very happy

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