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Super strong wind speed

Capable of generating pressure and speed exceeding 52+meters per second. The machine has four shark gills that actively dissipate heat through air vents, effectively expelling hot air from the cabin, providing protection for long-lasting operation

Portable and compact

With its mini size and lightweight design, it is very convenient to carry. The compact body of the Mini Turbo Blower makes it easy to carry and easy to use outside.

Long battery life wireless design

This powerful Mini Turbo Blower is equipped with built-in (two 217000 capacity 3000mah batteries), which can achieve 4hrs+ of wireless operation without external power supply. Enjoy the convenience of long-lasting use.

Three speed regulation

First gear strong wind, second gear hurricane, third gear super strong hurricane, wind force up to 16 levels

High quality structure

Pocket style, wireless design, fashionable and exquisite. The TYPE-C charging interface supports 20W fast charging, with a compact size that is easier to operate than a single hand, ensuring fast and efficient charging.

Easy to use operation

Adopting three speed regulation with indicator light display. The user-friendly design of portable turbo fans ensures easy functionality. In addition, the charging board also has safe and reliable charging protection and overheating protection functions. The internal brushless motor can achieve high speeds of up to 130000 RPM (revolutions per minute).


Air cushion blowing and suction, computer equipment cleaning, industrial dust blowing, charcoal burning to support combustion, car blowing and snow blowing, film studio shooting and wind making, drying pets, and many other uses.


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